Email Marketing and Automation

The email marketing problem

It can seem overwhelming to start your email list. Even if you manage to set one up just how do you get people onto it and then how on earth do you look after them.

Nurturing your clients is the number one way to make money. If you don't ever interact with them how will they ever know like and trust you?

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-digital marketer-

Email marketing can be tricky. There’s strategy, technology and bringing these together to give value to your audience, without stinging your bottom line. Jennifer is my absolute go-to. She has all this covered, regardless of the email platform and nothing is too much trouble. Jennifer explains it in a logical way and considers how it hangs under your strategic intentions.

Why do email marketing?

For most people in business the stark realisation at some point has been that it's all about numbers. How many people see your site, how many people read what's on it and then how many actually interact with you and then how many people actually buy from you.

At the end of the day the whole purpose of business is to make money so everything you do needs to have that final point in mind. Even better if an automation platform can keep in touch with your customers and move them along that funnel so you don't have to. that's what email marketing is all about.

It's always a good time to review what you've been doing and refocus your efforts. If you're like most small business owners you have little time and an even smaller amount of money.

Maybe I can't give you more time, but I can help you cut through the noise and help you start your first list, your first lead generation piece, manage a nurture sequence and make it all work effortlessly in the background.

And if you happen to be a bit further along in your business journey I can review what you have, maybe give you some tips and also take over managing the whole thing for you. In essence that will give you more time to work on your business at the things you're really good at.

The Solution

  • I can talk strategy with you about the best way to start, and even the smartest way to continue with your email marketing.
  • Help you develop and implement your lead generation piece, be it a simple download or even a free video course.
  • Connect it all together to your website, email automation platform and wherever else you'd like it to go.
  • Write your nurture sequences and set them up at the best intervals for your product and your customers.
  • Teach you how to manage from there or look after things for you on a regular basis.
  •  I love MailChimp, being an essentials expert, but I can and do use other email marketing platforms 
Review and recommendations

A simple, fast and effective review to show you what's possible.




  • Review your offerings 
  • Review your current digital framework
  • Provide you with 2 email strategies you could use immediately
  • Advise on the technology best suited to you and your business
done for you

A simple, fast and effective way to get going



  • Develop 1 lead generation product
  • Write 1 nurture sequence for the product. Up to 7 emails.
  • Establish digital connections 
  • Develop 2 x email templates consistent with brand and product

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