Technology can be hard and confusing, and along with everything else you need to do it can be hard to spend the time to get it right. Don't waste your time when you could be out doing what you love. Get in touch to see what I can help you with.

Know you need to do it and don't know where to start?

Too busy to bother and need someone to just do it for you?

Email marketing the lifeblood of any business set it up properly and you'll never look back.( Psst I'm also a Mailchimp Expert!)

Landing Pages and Websites

I can create a beautiful landing pages that convert, whether you have a website or not. Sending clients to the information you know they need and crafting that properly so they quickly decide to buy from you. 

If you need a website then we can work together to build one that suits your business needs now and into the future. Small or large, the care and techniques are the same. SEO optimised for speed and customer connection so it works when you aren't.

Need to nurture your customers? Need to give them some helpful information? Not quite sure what piece of content to use and where to put the button? I can help you think strategically through your content and then put it all in place so it works for you and your customers. Start building your list and your client base.

Do you have a burning desire to help people learn something? Turn your incredible content into an online course or membership and start your passive income off to a great start. Work with someone who really knows how to get this done and start connecting with your clients.

Stuck in a pickle? Don't know which button should be pressed and when? don't worry you can buy an hour of my time whilst I work alongside you to get any tech task completed and move your business forward. Spend time doing what you're good at whilst I coach you through and relieve your stress.