Pink Hat Digital helps you manage your tech overwhelm so you can embrace digital marketing to reach more customers and grow your business.

Want to convert more visitors into leads?

Is technology holding you back?

Do you have a Mailchimp Mess?

Tailored digital marketing that delivers results.

How do you speak to potential customers to persuade them to buy? It’s all about content marketing. And the best way to deliver that is through email.

By delivering useful, helpful and beautiful content you can tell a persuasive and authentic story to your target audience.

When you have two-way conversations you reap the benefits of developing true emotional connections between your customers and your brand.

As a specialist in MailChimp, and proficient in many other platforms, I can help you deliver your message simply and automatically.

Create a community around your expertise with videos, webinars and memberships. Careful - they need to be done right!

Together we can create a complete success path for your customers with videos, E Books and other digital content that will form a strategic part of your sales funnel, leading to an ongoing membership subscription. 

Better still I take the pain out of the technology by doing that for you so that it all works exactly how it should to keep your members connected.

With engaging, helpful content and the right strategy to drive attendance and sales, this is an effective tool to raise your profile and boost your business. 

Designing Your Website &
Landing Pages

Your website should be like your hardest working employee - delivering fresh leads, driving brand awareness and reinforcing your word of mouth reputation.

Like a valuable employee, your website is worth investing in.

Building a powerful, customer-centric website complete with landing pages that deliver white-hot leads is an investment that pays off in spades.


Building Your Sales funnel

Creating a sales funnel is an essential tactic that drives the right kind of customers to your business. Your ideal customers are happy to spend money on your product or services.

By knowing those customers’ interests and pain points at each stage of the funnel, you can bring them on the journey to make them lifelong fans of your business.

Are you stuck in tech-no-mans land?

Not sure why something doesn't work, or can't figure out which box to tick? 

Check out my Digi Wizard Hour. 

It may cost you an hour of my time, but it could save your sanity. 

Meet Jennifer Gale, founder of

Pink Hat Digital

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I work with business owners who are ready to take the next step.

You’re looking to grow your business and harness the power of digital marketing to reach new customers. 

You’re smart and savvy, but this technology is stressful for you. 

I’m here to create an action plan that delivers real results.

Great ideas, impeccable execution

  • Membership Sites
  • Email nurture sequences
  • Mailchimp Integration
  • Online Course Design and Development
  • Google analytics
  • Google My Business
  • Lead Magnets
  • E Books
  • Videos, Promos, intros and outros
  • Podcasts
  • Facebook advertising
  • Messenger Bots

What Others Say

“ ... the solutions fit my situation perfectly...Libby Jenkinson - Ditch the Carbs

“ Fabulous value for money, cannot recommend Pink Hat Digital enough”  Amanda Edwards, - Director, Equine E Care

 ...I love that you gave me the whole flow of how Mailchimp works, it meant that I could see how it all links together and finally made sense.” Jo Pilon, Expand Careers

I'm so grateful, way beyond what I could have done on my own.” Victoria Rose, - Livestream Strategist

My mission is to help you succeed online.

Some of my work with others

digital marketing, hjennifer Gale, pink hat digital, equine e care, website development, membership platforms
Running With Zithers
Integrating Care Consultancy
digital marketing, digital assets, EBook covers, pink hat digital

Print2Metal Marketing strategy

Landing page 

3D E Book Cover

Email nurture sequences and Mailchimp Automation

Digital marketing, landing page development, membership site development, membership site coaching

Ditch the Carbs

Membership Site Strategy

Landing page Design

Development and Launch


OnePassport App

Site Design and Build

Equine Care clinic

Equine Care Clinic

Website, Landing page and Membership  Development and Launch

Perry Janssen Promo / Intro

Equine Care Tip of the Day Intro

OnePassport Video Explainer

Bodyfabulous Promo

Are you stuck in tech-no-mans land?

Not sure why something doesn't work, or can't figure out which box to tick? 

Check out my Digi Wizard Hour. 

It may cost you an hour of my time, but it could save your sanity. 

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